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Certified Real Estate Broker DA
We are the bank for the Military
We are the bank for the Military
BMO of Montreal
Here is the percentage for 5 years, look at the joint panflet .

Branch 991 boul du Seminaire nord, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC J3A 1K1
Phone: 450-347-0391,Or direct with M.Pierre Berube
450-347-0846, Email: Pierre.Berube@bmo.com

Military relocation
Military relocation


As a member of Brookfield Global Relocation Services, I am aware of the limit of your time in finding the new home as well as familiarizing yourself with your new environment. By registering for free Home Search Alerts (HHT), you will be the first to know about properties on the market.

I invite you to contact me quickly to help you start your research.

Here is the necessary information and a checklist for your steps:
Send me your search criteria for your future home (budget, type of property, number of rooms, etc.) by filling out the form for this purpose. So I will send you the various properties that correspond to your requests. In addition, you can send me your own research. You simply have to tell me the reference number of the property by indicating the seller. Ideally, we should visit between 10 and 12 houses.
              To fill out the form, see my page: VRD (E-mail Alerts)
I will give you a list of professional members of Brookfield (building inspectors, notaries, references for your mortgage, renovation contractors, etc.).
IMPORTANT: In order to assist you in the process and due to lack of time, it would be important for you to start your mortgage process.Then, following acceptance of the purchase promise, Inspector, notary and contact your mortgage resource.
For purchase and financing, it is very important to bring 2 pieces of photo ID, your letter of assignment, proof of income and any other necessary documents that you will be asked for.
For the registration of your children at school, please bring their last ballot or transcript and birth certificate.
In addition, during your stay, I can refer you to a Brookfield approved hotel or lodging facility.
            For more information, please contact me at 450-545-9727


Trust me the sale of your property and I offer you reliability, visibility and tranquility. I can help you in your process: selling property, finding a new one in the place of your transfer, moving, etc.

I'm in charge of :
The marketing of your property at competitive prices and as soon as possible.
Provide all necessary documents for Brookfield or other.
You are referring to a broker in your future area.
The sale of your property, ie management of visits, negotiations, transfer of documents to the notary, a checklist for your changes of address with the suppliers, etc.).
Contact me, I will be happy to provide you with any information whatsoever for the purchase or sale of your relocation.

You will also find useful links under the tab: LINKS - USEFUL.
                        My priority, your Satisfaction!
My TEAM can help you make this situation more enjoyable.


Brookfield GRS Pre-registration Form
If your department has authorized you to move, you can pre-register online. Simply click on this link and complete the Brookfield GRS Pre-Registration form .
Brookfield Global Relocation Canadian Forces Members
Brookfield Global Relocation Canadian Forces Members
Your newspaper (Servir)
Your newspaper (Servir)
The bi-monthly newspaper for the military community- Wset of Province of Quebec.
Servir was founded in 1993.
Published 22 times a year, Servir is an important internal communications tool in the military community.

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