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Certified Real Estate Broker DA

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Another wonderful year even after 23 years i classified in the top 5% of the first sellers of Royal LePage in Québec, and also Member of the Select Cercle of Canada and Top 10% in Canada.
Thank you for your confidence and again thank you.

Eric Huneault RoyallePage Origine

Real Estate Broker Directeur
23 years of services

Team Huneault - Your Real Estate Complice
Team Huneault - Your Real Estate Complice

                                                 TOP REAL ESTATE AGENT IN CANADA ERIC HUNEAULT 2021

What You Should Know About Real Estate Valuation of your property in this market!
Real Estate Valuation; Basic Valuation Concepts; Market Value Appraisal Methods and the most important one (Bottom Line!)

Eric Huneault
Certified Real Estate Broker for the last 23 years.
Real Estate Commercial and Residential Specialist
450-545-9727 / info@erichuneault.com
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A message from the President and CEO Royal LePage Canada:

Hello Eric,

Your long journey with Royal LePage is a remarkable professional accomplishment and an important milestone on which to launch the next steps in your prolific career! Your business is now thriving and has weathered the ups and downs that only an industry as interesting as ours can throw at us. You've seen it all and you understand the value your association brings to Canada's leading real estate company and its contribution to your success.

Today, after 20 years of service, your experience is truly your greatest asset. I encourage you to share it with young brokers who follow in your footsteps.

I congratulate you and I wish you much success!

Phil Soper
President and CEO
Royal LePage Canada


Hello Eric,

Congratulations on earning a Royal LePage National Award for Sales Awards for the 2022 award year! National Top 10% units/broker.

Nelia Luis Director, Honors and Recommendations
Royal LePage Canada



- A+ Donald and Suzanne
Sum arrived for almost a week already.
It's a WOW! We have no regrets about our adventure and thank you very much for your work.
Of course, we still have a long time to settle in, but it's already good from all points of view. We realize that all the houses we have visited before, alone or with you, could not have met our needs so well.
Thank you again and above all, if you have the opportunity and the conditions allow it, come see it with your spouse.

- Salam and Hadi
We would like to thank you for your collaboration throughout the promise to purchase and our new home.

- David and Melanie
We wanted to thank you for your help in selling our house. You helped us with all the documentation. You took the time to explain the terms and conditions to us. Thank you for your professionalism and your time. Thank you for your many tips. We are happy to have done business with you.

- J.D.
Super good service from start to finish when looking for a house! My real estate agent was professional!

- M.D
Thank you very much for enlightening us and answering our questions.
Thank you for the welcome and your frankness, it is very much appreciated

Once again! 
Thank you for your trust!
My priority, your satisfaction!
To offer you the best of services on an availability 7 days a week, I have set up a great team.
With my Administrative assistant: Josée Campbell


Your protection against ...
Your protection against ...

Protection Royale is:

  • An insurance program offered at no additional cost by your participating Royal LePage broker.
  • Repair of latent defects and reimbursement of unexpected costs related to delays or withdrawals as well as special assessments for co-ownerships.
  • Handling of legal procedures1 related to the discovery of latent defects.
  • A free legal assistance service2 to obtain legal advice regarding your real estate transaction.
  • A sense of security and peace of mind when buying or selling your property.
  • The most complete residential real estate protection program in the industry
  • This coverage provides repairs related to a latent defect. Maximum limit of $15,000 for a seller and $5,000 for a buyer.
             Participating Royal LePage since 2013

20 years of service

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