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Team Huneault - Your Real Estate Complice
Team Huneault - Your Real Estate Complice

Eric Huneault-
Royal LePage Real Estate Broker Origine (C.I.A)

A moment of recognition to you all 2017 was another year of success over 50 transactions and thanks to you all thanks. Once again for almost 20 years, I ranked among the top 5% of the top sellers at Royal LePage in Quebec. And 2018 looks excellent with already 15 sales. Once again a big thank you for your trust!

First of all, we all know that today it is not enough to choose the right broker by a simple photo on a sign. It is much more than that. Choosing the right Real Estate Broker means building trust, having good service, unparalleled professionalism and knowing that your broker has a good knowledge of his business environment.
Let me tell you WHY choose (Team Huneault)!

Here is my story ...
Entrepreneur at heart. I bought my first business at the age of 17 and invested personally in several buildings and businesses. In 1989 I started my career in Real Estate. In 2000 I joined the Royal LePage Haut Richelieu Team. I am a Certified Real Estate Broker and for 20 years I have helped families realize their dreams.
From 2006 to 2010, I was Director of Agency and Owner of Royal LePage of Haut-Richelieu in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Chambly. My function ; Trainer and Administrator.
From the beginning, I had the pleasure to train more than twenty real estate brokers, which allowed me to develop sales techniques, marketing and broaden my professional network.
During his years, I was honored with the Director's Platinum Award and the President's Golden Palm.
In 2015, I received the Diamond Certificate awarded to brokers in the top 3% of all Royal LePage residential Real Estate Brokers. And in 2017, I acquired Excellence. A prize awarded to members who received the President's Golden Palm ten years out of fourteen.

My priority, your satisfaction!
To offer you the best service on a 7 days a week availability, I have a great team.

My colleague,Steve Campbell- Residential Real Estate Broker
My Assistant -  Josée Campbell- Administrative 

The Royal LePage 1 year Mortgage-Free Contest (royallepage.ca/1year) offers our clients the chance to win one year free of mortgage payments up to $12,000*!
The Royal LePage 1 year Mortgage-Free Contest (royallepage.ca/1year) offers our clients the chance to win one year free of mortgage payments up to $12,000*!
To be eligible, you must be a client of Eric Huneault Real Estate Broker at Royal Le Page Origine who will refer you to a Desjardins Mortgage Representative or the National Bank partner, to apply for your loan and obtain approval from mortgage financing (conditions raised) between February 1 and July 31, 2018. 
The Contest is eligible for clients of participating Royal LePage Agency brokers in Quebec only.
As potential clients of Real Estate Broker Eric Huneault, you could participate in the Contest with your future purchase of your property and can be earned up to 1 year without mortgage up to a maximum of $ 12,000!

As a customer of Eric Huneault EXCLUSIFLY! And you want to buy?
Get in touch with L'équipe Huneault at 450-545-9727 or info@erichuneault.com 


Your protection against ...
Your protection against ...

Protection Royale is a unique insurance program* designed to support clients who are transacting in residential real estate through a participating Royal LePage broker.
Program benefits

• As a Protection Royale participating broker, you will only pay the premium upon the conclusion of the transaction.
• You will pay only for program eligible* transactions.
• Protection Royale is an excellent tool to attract new clients, and encourage existing ones to renew business with you to obtain the same service again.
• By participating, you stand out from the competition, as Protection Royale is an exhaustive product, unique in North America and the only one to take on repairs surrounding the discovery of latent defects.
• The program allows you to focus on your business without worrying about potential risks that delays, withdrawals, latent defects or special assessments for co-ownerships hinder your current transaction.

Protection Royale gives you access to a legal assistance service†. This benefit puts at your disposal a team of lawyers specializing in real estate, providing sound advice and answering any questions related to your legal undertakings. Whether you are dealing with a dispute with your neighbour or have questions on latent defects, this service provides direct access to information about your rights and how to take on appropriate proceedings.

Transacting through a participating Royal LePage broker: (L'Equipe Huneault)



The insider's guide to buying your first home.
The journey to Homeownership is filled with excitement, challenges and choices. Wherever you are on that journey, we can help you to achieve the dream of homeownership with expert resources and tools at each step.
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Housing prices up 4.9% in Montreal area

According to a Royal LePage House Price Survey released Tuesday, property prices in the region are up by 4.9 per cent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2017, bringing the aggregate price of a home to $367,702.

The median price of a two-storey home went up by 5.6 per cent year-over-year to $456,158, while the price of a bungalow went up 3.0 per cent to $290,892. Meantime, condo prices went up 4.7 per cent this year over last, to $302,915.